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Unser Praktikant Jorge Calle Fernández aus Madrid

Jorge (rechts) mit seinen KollegenJorge Calle Fernandez absolviert derzeit ein sechsmonatiges ERASMUS Praktium bei i.syde. Im interview berichtet er von seinen Erfahrungen im Unternehmen und in Deutschland.

Jorge Calle Fernandez is currently completing a six months ERASMUS internship at i.syde. In the following interview he tells us about his experiences at the company and in Germany.


Where are you from, which degree are you currently completing, and at which university?

I am from Spain; Currently I am completing a Web applications development degree, with an extension of android and internet of things specialist at IES El Lago in Madrid. It is not a university degree, it is a two-year professional training.

Why did you choose i.syde for your internship?
First time I heard about i.syde was some months ago, after receiving from my institute the opportunity of participating in an Erasmus internship. They told me the good experience they had last year with a student that came to i.syde, moreover, this is something confirmed later when I put myself in contact with this student in order to get some additional information and he described me how was his own internship.  Everything sounded great and I did not hesitate much, I wanted to come to i.syde. After a few days since I have started, I have to say that the excellent references received felt short with what I have found in i.syde.

What are your tasks at the company? What project are you currently working in?
I am currently working in a project called AVS which is a web application for the government which is thought for translating important documents like laws or speeches in case that they must be translated to other language. The user will be able to ask for a document to be translated to other language and by whom.

Right now I am taking care of testing AVS accessibility for the users, but I have already had to program or to change something in the code, so I do not really have a concrete task, everyday there are new things to do which is perfect to have an immersive experience in the whole project.

What do you find particularly interesting?
First of all, this is my first professional experience in a company, after “almost” finish my studies. Since now, I am able to say that this is an opportunity that I will never forget in my entire life. Everything is new for me so I am finding all really interesting. Also the project I am working in is very interesting, not only because of what is thought for, but also because of how it is structured internally, how are things connected, moreover, this project is one of the best opportunities to put in practice what I have learnt and to improve my knowledge in this field. And all this makes coming to work a great experience.

Are there any cultural differences that are worth mentioning?
Meanwhile it is known that there are some cultural differences between Germany and Spain, probably due to geographic aspects and climate, there is not really a huge difference between me and people I have met here in Germany in terms of work-methods. But it is true that, in my daily life, there are things that I have not adapted to yet. Like for example, in Spain shops, restaurants, locals, etc. normally close later than 8pm and are also opened on Sundays, so I still miss that extra time at the end of the day to go shopping, having dinner… But, don’t worry, I am in the process to adapt myself to it!

What do you think makes i.syde and their products different from others?
It is quite precipitate to answer this question with the lack of detailed knowledge of the full company and products. Since I have arrived, what I have seen is an amazing very supportive team, professional and incredibly passionate with the day by day work. For me this is something, for sure, included in the best equation of successful company capable to have “a state of art” developed products.

What has been the most useful aspect of your internship so far?
For the moment I would say that the most useful aspect is seeing how everything I have been studying is applied in a real project and understanding how things work in real life. But I am learning new things every day and I am finding everything useful and I know that being here is a perfect first step for my career as a web applications developer.

Anything else you would like to mention?
I like pets! So having dogs around in the company is something that I love and that I think it shows the positive working atmosphere there is in i.syde.

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